Beyond Circulation: Programme


Beyond Circulation: The Intellectual and the Material in the History of the Arab Nahda

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Thursday 21 June

(venue: SCR Parlour, Pembroke College)



Family history

How I Met My Great-Grandfather: Archives and the Writing of History

Sherene Seikaly

Rethinking the nahda through the economic elites of Damascus: three generations of Ottoman financiers, administrators, and intellectuals

Aviv Derri

Accounting for the Disappeared

Hussein Omar

Discussant: Joanna Innes


2.00-5.00 (with a break)

What is wealth?

Caveats to Crisis: Capital Accumulation and Political Allegiance in the Egyptian Delta, 1784-1805

Zoe Griffith

Neither Liberal nor Socialist: Cooperation and the Pursuit of “Real Wealth” in Egyptian Nationalist Thought

Aaron Jakes

Property and the public: staking claim to wealth in nineteenth-century Egypt

Pascale Ghazaleh

Conflict over lands and rivers in French-Syria (1921-1939)

Seda Altug

Discussant: Ceyda Karamursel



Friday 22 June

(venue: Lecture Room 2, Christ Church)



Languages of the economic

Loan-Words: Excess, Economy and Debt in the 1908 Translation Debates

Hannah Scott Deuchar

Speculating in Arabic: Finance and Fiction in the Nahḍah

Elizabeth M. Holt

The ‘Economic’ in the Nahda: The Writings of Niqula Haddad

Nader Atassi

Discussant: Sherene Seikaly



Subjects and their subjectivities

Writing women’s history in Egypt, 1890-1906: Ancient pasts as the gendered modern

Marilyn Booth

The worlds of Mikha’il Mishaqa: movement, writing, and rumour

Peter Hill

Discussant: John-Paul Ghobrial



Individuals and enterprise

Abd Allah al-Nadim’s “School for Girls” (Madrasat al-Banat): domestic ideology in fin de siècle Egypt

Ken Cuno

Choosing to print: commerce and piety in the case of Shaykh Hasan al-‘Idwi (d. 1885)

Kathryn A. Schwartz

Print with no capitalism – Arabic newspaper failures in the Western Mediterranean (1832-c.1885)

Arthur Asseraf

Discussant: Khaled Fahmy



Saturday 23 June

(venue: Lecture Room 2, Christ Church)


Round-table 1



Round-table 2 and closing remarks